This is how I program the VX-2200-AG7H-50 LTR trunking radio in the 440MHz Ham Radio band. This radio REQUIRES the CE94 CPS for any programming.

It will not work on CE82 because it is a trunking model but will require the CE82 will be used for assisting in the hex editing process.

Here’s where to start.

  • Download and install the CE82 and CE94 CPS.
  • Download HxD Hex Editor or any other Hex Editing software.
  • Open the CE82 CPS and load this Codeplug.
  • Download CE82 Codeplug

To help you understand how the CE82 and CE94 Codeplugs are formatted, we will only program 2 channels in both CE82 and CE92.

  • In the CE82 Codeplug linked above I have enabled all 16 channels. We will only use the first 2 as part of this how to.
  • Input your Ham Band frequencies into the first 2 channels.
  • Do not worry about any other settings!
  • Save the Codeplug.

Open the CE94 CPS. Make sure the selected model is VX-2200-AG7H-50(UHF).

  • Click on the “RF Ch. List” tab.
  • Enable 2 channels and enter in any frequency for Receive and Transmit. Save your Codeplug.
  • Do not worry about any other settings!

Open each Codeplug in the hex editor of your choice.

  • You’ll need to search for the locations below in the Codeplugs.
  • It’s very easy to find them if you reference the offset numbers on the left hand side.
  • If you’re able to have the two Codeplugs side by side, it will simplify your programming.

High Resolution Image

Looking at the screenshot above. The colored groups mark specific parts of the channels data. In the first line of colored text you will read it from left to right as a group of 4 bytes for each RX and TX frequencies.


Referencing the example CE82 Codeplug on the left side in the image above. You will see the following data.

  • RX Freq “23 A2 E1 DC“,
  • TX Freq “24 58 81 DC“.

The red data will be unique to each frequency you program into the CPS. It will not be identical to this example, unless the frequencies chosen match those shown in the example.


  • There will be a total of 8 bytes for a single channel, which includes the Receive and Transmit Frequencies.
23 (Blue) = Begin RX Frequency Data Marker
24 (Blue) = Begin TX Frequency Data Marker
DC (Green) = End RX or TX Frequency Data Marker
Red = Frequency Data

We will only need to modify the red data in the CE94 Codeplug.

  • Simply plug in the Red data from CE82 and copy it to CE94. Remember to copy it from left to right.
  • To add more channels you must make sure those new channels have been enabled on the CE94 CPS. Otherwise you won’t see the markers in the Codeplug data.
  • You CANNOT use the same RX frequency bytes in place of a TX frequency bytes. It will NOT work!