Community CPS:

OpenGD77 CPS:

OpenGD77 Latest Firmware:

Installing OpenGD77:

Press and Hold SK1 + SK2 (sidekeys) while turning on the radio. Upload OpenGD77 firmware using the OpenGD77 CPS. Restoring the stock firmware works just the same.

Enable Hotspot Mode with OpenGD77:

Press and hold the Black sidekey while turning on the radio. Hotspot mode is now enabled.

NA7Q Variant of OpenGD77, OpenDM1801, OpenRD5R

Latest Build: 9/27/2020

This is built on the “development” branch of OpenGD77. Your mileage may vary.





Previous Builds: … /Archived/

These builds have minor User Interface changes for the GD-77. Some of which may include a different arrangement of settings, names, and extra features.

Please update to the latest CPS. [3/6/20] … taller.exe

Power Levels:
The 1W and 5W power levels may need to be calibrated using the LATEST CPS.

Power levels include 1mW, 5mW, 10mW, 25mW, 50mW, 75mW, 100mW, 250mW, 500mW, 750mW, 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W, 5W, and 5W++
5W++ outputs just over 6 watts on most radios and requires pressing Blue + Long Press Right.

Now Supports DCS Encode & Decode

Hotspot Mode:
Hotspot Mode is activated from the Options Menu.
Select MMDVM for use with Pi-Star or BlueDV for use with the BlueDV software on computers and phones.

VFO Scan Mode
Method 1:
Long Press Green to enter Scan Mode.

Enter Frequency Scan Range limits.
Long Press Green again to start scan.
Left changes scan direction.
Long Press Red to exit VFO Scan Mode.

Method 2:
Double tap Orange to start scanning

Method 3: Blue (SK2) + 1 to start scanning

Channel Scan Mode
Method 1:
Long Press Green to start scanning

Method 2:
Long press 1 to start scanning.

Method 3:
Blue (SK2) + 1 to start scanning.

Method 4:
Double tap Orange to start scanning

Menu Shortcuts:

Blue+1: Start scanning in Channel Mode and VFO Mode
Blue+2: Jump to Battery Screen
Blue+3: Jump to Last Heard Screen
Blue+4: Jump to Channel Details Screen, CC setting
Blue+5: Jump to Options Menu
Blue+6: Jump to Display Options Menu
Blue+7: Decrease Brightness
Blue+8: Increase Brightness
Blue+9: Jump to RSSI Menu
Blue+0: Jump to Sound Menu

Specific Changes:
Added steps for the Timeout Timer
Slower step rate for CTCSS/DCS when using long press of arrows to change it
More to add later…

Thanks to all the developers who make this possible!
Official Source Code

NA7Q Source Code